Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are You a Programming Newbie?

We were all coding noobs at one point or another. Here's my list of the top ten things that I hope you don't do anymore.

You might be a programming newbie if...

  1. You put all of your variables in the global scope
  2. You've got a conditional with half a dozen expressions
  3. All of your variables names have three letters or fewer
  4. You put numbers at the end of your variable names instead of using arrays
  5. You leave comments in the code saying how awesome you are
  6. You're more impressed with what you made than with how you made it
  7. You think HTML is a programming language
  8. You put "programmer" on your resumé after wiring up some forms to a database using Visual Basic property pages
  9. Instead of using a class with two different data members, you squeeze two values into a single integer and use bit masks to pull the individual values out, because that's what awesome programmers would do
  10. You intentionally structure your code in a way that's difficult to understand. After all, if it were supposed to be obvious, we wouldn't call it code, would we?

I know you've got some more...

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