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Hey, what's up?! My name's Dave Leeds, and I love seeing things light up and come to life. That's why I've found a career that's just up my alley -- computer programming. I'm thrilled when I get to put an application together, crank the ignition, and watch it go!

And you've happened upon my blog, where you can follow along with my exciting adventures!

This blog focuses on the cool stuff I discover in my never-ending pursuit of programming awesomeness. The name of the blog, Hit the Bits!, is an expression I use when it's time to get your hands dirty with the code. So as you can guess, most of the posts here are tactical and involve actual code samples. But I'm also big on programming theory, so I touch on that sometimes, too.


Back when I was a bright-eyed lad of eleven years old, I was enamored with video games. I enjoyed playing them, but even more than that, I wanted to make them. And so I did. I made lots of little 16- and 256-color games in GW-Basic and QuickBasic.

After playing in a ska punk band and graduating from college, I started off a career in Web Development rather than Game Development, and it's been tons of fun. I've been programming professionally for about eighteen years, including languages like ColdFusion, Java, and my latest favorite - Kotlin! Sometimes, I still tinker with game development in my spare time, and for that, C# is my language of choice. (Sure beats spending my precious spare time hunting down memory leaks in C++).

My other hobbies include cartooning and animation, video editing and visual effects, and music sequencing. So as you can guess, I make good use out of Adobe's Production Premium Creative Suite.

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