Monday, May 7, 2012

Essential Guide to an Awesome 90's Website!

10. Warn your visitors about the best resolution

Before your visitors enter your cool new website, you'd better be sure they know what resolution works best for your web pages!  Most of them will gladly right-click on their desktop, go to properties, change the resolution, hit OK, close the properties dialog, and switch back to the web browser in order to get the best viewing experience.  After all, it's not very likely that they'd already have their display settings configured to the optimal resolution.

9. Use nothing but Times New Roman font

When visitors come to your website, they want originality. Since there aren't many sites out there using Times New Roman font, you should use that. They'll think, "wow, that's a cool site with a hip font."

8. Use HTML tables

If you have stuff that you can't align any other way, the HTML tables feature is just what you need! Don't change any of the cellspacing or cellpadding values... they're perfect just as they are!

7. Use animated gifs

The way to really one-up printed media is to create what we call "animated gifs".  These are images that actually animate before your very eyes!  Visitors will be so mesmerized by them that they'll surely pay more attention to the content of your cool web page!

6. Use horizontal rule tags everywhere

The visitors of your website have to know when one section of content is different from another section, or they might get confused.  Sometimes paragraph breaks (preferably done using two <br> tags) aren't enough.  Horizontal rules to the rescue!

5. Use the marquee tag

Sometimes the best way to communicate a message is to have it on the screen only part of the time.  For this you should use the marquee tag, which moves the text across the screen horizontally.  It takes longer for your visitors to read the message when it's scrolling, and that means they'll be on your website longer!

4. Limit your fonts to 16 colors

People like to see colors, but their graphics card might only be able to handle the basic 16 EGA colors.  Use the font tag's color attribute to set the color.

And for the images on your site, you can achieve high image quality by ensuring that your images are only 16 colors but use dithering. People will be very impressed, and might even think there are actually more than 16 colors in the image!

3. Use a page hit counter

Put a counter on your page so that people can see how popular your web page is! Try to find one that looks like an odometer, and people will think, "wow, that's clever!" If your web page isn't actually that popular, open it up in a browser and hit F5 until the counter shows a high enough number.

2. Use an "Under Construction" image

You want your visitors coming back frequently, and the best way to get them to do that is by placing a cute image of a construction zone somewhere in your web page.  It can have orange cones, hazard tape, or a stick figure with a hard hat.  You get bonus points if it's an animated gif with dithering!

1. Take credit - be a Webmaster!

After all of your hard work making the perfect web page, you should take credit for your hard work by putting your name on it, and calling yourself a Webmaster!  After all, you are master of the web!

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